The use of different media to give information to the people is important. The media is the way so that a communication could be established and so that issues and what is happening could be known. In this times, there are various ways to spread information and they could also be done in a very short time. They could live stream events so people could have an access to it immediately. There have been many improvements that communication methods have improved in this present time.

When cable companies are making a growth, the C-span was also established by the founder Brian Lamb. He envisioned the cable satellite to be used for broadcasting specifically what is going on in the government. It was named the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network (C-SPAN). That was in the year of 1975 in which Lamb had received help for the funding and also for establishing wires so many homes could be able to watch it. It was successful as they had the opening of the C-SPAN and the made their first televised show.

That was the time that the House of Representatives had allowed their session to be aired. Now it is being done regularly as the satellite proves to be useful and also it is being one that people are now watching as the interests to politics and other legal matters are being discussed. It is a good way for people to know what is happening and what is being talked about regarding their country.