There are many concern of one nation as it should perform all necessary things to have order by having laws and letting the people obey it and follow their leader. But also their needs should be supplied or given or they might also rebel from the government. The government is the center of all and it is the one who should oversee all transactions. That is why the government have different departments so that each could be managed. Having all these in hand, challenge appear every day.

It is also the same in this country. Even if the government has a lot in its hand but there are still pressing issues that could be given attention and should be solved directly and immediately but it seems they are not making effort in the eyes of the people. That is why a disagreement could occur and will affect many parties. There could be televised interviews or protests or anything that could occur in one country and also the ones that jeopardize the security of a nation.

These can include terrorist attacks and war. If a nation has been under an attack by the terrorists then it could give a blow to the country in terms of its economy and also the political position as there could be some changes. The terrorist attacks that happened in the United States is one that became a historic one and had affected not the country but the families that lost their loved ones during the attack.