Major Reasons why People Protest against Government

If you often watch news on television, sometimes you can see a news wherein people gather together holding some boards or papers with writings in it while shouting loudly. In other words, they are having a protest against the government. But why do people protest? The government is an institution that has the job of helping the people and the whole country itself towards development. In countries where the economy is bad, the government should make a way on how to arise for its future.

Laws are being made by the government. If a law was approved and is implemented, it is not easy to change. This is why, the citizens should know about the laws which the government want to implement. Through the mass media, the reporters can actually interview any official in the government such as senators and even the president. In that way, the people can know the current situation.That is the reason they travel other countries and more on process their visa from this agency learn here 泰雅旅遊. And if the citizens do not agree with the law to be implemented, they will surely protest.

There had been a lot of cases regarding this. One case is the sudden increase in fare price. As the economy in some countries is low, they protested because they don’t agree with that kind of decision. Also in some countries, they don’t agree with the issue about same-sex marriage. Since many are against with that idea, they protested. And this is also a reason why people migrated and get their travel process from this agency 台胞證申請地點. So the LG community had no choice but to held their wedding in countries that allow same-sex marriage, if they can afford it.