The network is a non-profit organization that receives its fundings from its subscribers as they will have to pay an affiliate fee. They are paid by the satellite and cable affiliates. That is the source of their income. That is why they do not have advertisements on their shows and so it could be shown continuously. The network also does not edit or filter any of the events that they are airing and so the viewers could all watch what is going on. The network has also a radio station and now websites that could also live stream the videos.

They also do not have advertisements just like the network. They also do not make solicitations and also pledges. The good thing about the network and all its other entities is that they are not controlled by the government so they cannot manipulate the content that they will show or air.

The network concentrates on covering the political issues and all the events that are being done in the Congress but it also covers major events around the country.

It sometimes also cover issues or proceedings being done in the country of Australia, Canada, and also the British Parliaments. They also cover some issues not related to political topic like interviews with notable figures. They also air historical programming and the ones that feature non-fiction books. Only one network was established but soon two others followed and also the radio station and the streaming of it live on the internet.